Refund Policies

Refund polcies for each program are listed below. If you have any questions about these policies please contact the club treasurer.

Travel Hockey

Registration for tryouts along with payment of the $100 non-refundable tryout fee should be completed online using the Club’s registration website. Please note: the $100 is a tryout fee and not applied to season fees. Once a player accepts a position on a travel team, the player is also accepting full financial responsibility for the entire season registration fee amount and any associated team fees. An initial non-refundable installment of one-sixth (1/6) of the full season fee is due within 48 hours of accepting a position on a travel team, although the player may choose to pay the full season fee at that time. By committing to a travel team and making the initial installment, the player/family is fully obligated for, and agrees to pay, any remaining balance due no later than November 30 of the calendar year unless other payment arrangements have been made in advance with the Club Treasurer. Season registration fees are non-refundable; after accepting a position on a travel team, if a player subsequently decides not to remain with the team and/or Club, the player is still financially obligated for any remaining unpaid balance due on the full season registration fee.