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Equipment and Apparel

2018-19 Required Ice Hockey Equipment

This specific equipment list is NOT optional and is for the protection of the player every time he or she steps onto the ice. 

  • Helmet with Protective Mask - HECC Certified with expiration sticker legible (*Preferably Black)
  • Mouth Guard - NOT CLEAR - fitted in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions
  • Hockey Jock (includes Cup)
  • Hockey Shin Guards (Not Soccer shin guards)
  • Ice Hockey Pants (Not Roller Hockey Girdle/Pants -- *Preferably Black)
  • Ice Hockey Elbow Pads (Not Rollerblade or soft pads)
  • Hockey Shoulder Pads
  • Hockey Gloves (*Primarily/Completely Black Preferred)
  • Hockey Skates (Sharpen Periodically -- i.e., once a month minimum)
  • Hockey Stick (See your coach for correct type and size if unsure)
  • Hockey Jersey
  • Hockey Socks

HYHA Coaches will enforce the requirement that players keep mouth guards in their mouth during games and practices.

All equipment can be purchased at various hockey websites (see sample list below) and ice rink Pro Shops.  Select items like mouth guards can be found at your local sports store.