Travel Tryout Policy

Welcome to the Hagerstown Youth Hockey Association (HYHA) aka The Hagerstown Bulldogs 2018-2019 hockey season!

We are glad you are interested in the Hagerstown Bulldogs for your family’s youth hockey experience. This tryout overview is designed to help answer questions you may have about the tryout process and the travel hockey experience with our Club.



Tryouts for the Club will be from May 15-24, 2018 at the Hagerstown Ice and Sports Complex. (Tryouts for the 8U team will be on June 2.) Registration for tryouts along with payment of the $100 non-refundable tryout fee should be completed online using the Club’s registration website. 

Please note: the $100 is a tryout fee and not applied to season fees.


The tryout schedule will be posted on the Club’s website prior to the first tryout session. Please check the website throughout the tryouts timeframe as the schedule may change to accommodate the selection process. 


Required Paperwork & Tryout Fees

All players are required to have the following prior to getting on the ice:


•       USA Hockey Consent to Treat/Medical Form

•       Copy of player's birth certificate/passport

•       Non-refundable tryout fee paid

Travel Program Overview

The HYHA participates at the Tier II level and is one of the fastest growing youth hockey organizations in the Chesapeake Bay Hockey League (CBHL). The CBHL is sanctioned by USA Hockey and is a member of the Potomac Valley Amateur Hockey Association (PVAHA), an affiliate within the Southeast District of USA Hockey. The CBHL consists of youth hockey clubs located throughout Maryland, Virginia, and the Washington DC metropolitan area. The objectives of the CBHL are to provide an opportunity for young men and women to participate in amateur ice hockey in an organized and competitive environment, to foster player development both physically and academically, and to provide opportunities for personal growth and enrichment.


Tier II travel hockey is a very competitive level of hockey and requires a serious time commitment by both the player and parent(s). It is extremely important that the player and parent(s) understand the time commitment of Tier II travel hockey prior to accepting a position on a travel team. Travel players are expected to attend all games, practices, meetings, training sessions, skills sessions, and public service events during the season. The Tier II travel hockey season starts with the first Club scheduled practice (late August) and runs through the last Club scheduled game or the CBHL/USA Hockey playoff game a team participates in, typically in early March. The only exception is the period from Christmas Eve through New Year’s Day.


Age Classifications

Based on the USA Hockey age classifications for the 2018-2019 season, the Club plans to field at least one (1) travel team in the following USA Hockey age classifications:


Birth Year

Age Division














A player shall not be allowed to play at a level above his/her slated USA Hockey level as determined by their birth year, unless approved by the Coach in Chief with concurrence from the player’s parent or guardian.


All Midget-aged players are eligible to play at the U18 level. The HYHA policy regarding Midget-aged players is based on existing and established regional athletic policies whereas high school under-classmen may participate in varsity athletics.


In the event the Bulldogs are unable to offer a travel team within an age group, the Club would review alternatives to support its members and may exercise its right to do so for a particular season for the betterment of the Club and its members.


2017-2018 Travel Season Fees


Age Division

Skater Fee

Goalie Fee

8U Mite



10U Squirt



12U Peewee



14U Bantam



16U/18U Midget




*As previously noted, there is a non-refundable $100 tryout fee.  


Tryout Coordinators

A Tryout Coordinator will be assigned for each age classification. The Tryout Coordinator for each level will be announced prior to the first tryout session. 


Tryout Policy

It is the policy of the HYHA to provide every player the opportunity to try out for his or her age appropriate travel team. Roster spots are open to any player who attends tryouts. A player’s prior experience, level, or club will not be a factor in determining what players make a travel team. As previously mentioned, there is a $100 non-refundable tryout fee required to participate in tryouts, which must be paid prior to the player going on the ice for their first tryout session.


Usually, there will be a minimum of two (2) to three (3) tryout sessions for each age classification. The actual number of tryout sessions varies based on age classification and the number of projected and/or registered players. It is not mandatory for a player to attend all tryout sessions for their age group; however, it is absolutely in a player’s best interests to do so to ensure that the evaluators get the most accurate and complete assessment of each player. The Coach in Chief and Tryout Coordinators will be responsible for developing the tryout evaluation procedures and providing evaluators with age-specific criteria.


The Coach in Chief will organize a committee of qualified persons to evaluate players during tryouts. The committee will include at least two (2) evaluators who do not have a child trying out with the age group.


Each player will be assigned a unique tryout jersey and number that must be worn at each tryout session. The tryout jersey will be the players to keep.


There will be neither roster positions offered nor cuts made prior to the second tryout session.


All players, whether placed on a team or cut, will be notified via a telephone call, email, or posting on the Club’s website. The Coach in Chief has the responsibility to ensure all players are notified.


Players who are offered a position on a team have 48 hours to respond and notify the Club whether they are accepting the position offered. If a player does not respond within 48 hours, the coach may assume the player has declined the offer and has decided not to play travel hockey with the Club.


Once a player accepts a position on a travel team, the player is also accepting full financial responsibility for the entire season registration fee amount and any associated team fees. An initial non-refundable installment of one-sixth (1/6) of the full season fee is due within 48 hours of accepting a position on a travel team, although the player may choose to pay the full season fee at that time. By committing to a travel team and making the initial installment, the player/family is fully obligated for, and agrees to pay, any remaining balance due no later than November 30, 2018 unless other payment arrangements have been made in advance with the Club Treasurer.


Season registration fees are non-refundable; after accepting a position on a travel team, if a player subsequently decides not to remain with the team and/or Club, the player is still financially obligated for any remaining unpaid balance due on the full season registration fee.

If a returning player is not able to participate in tryouts due to an injury, illness, or family emergency, the Coach in Chief and the Hockey Director will use the following guidelines to assign the player to a team.


•       If a player was on the roster of a team within an age group and will stay within that same age group, the player will be placed on the same level team.

•       If a player was on the roster of a team within an age group and will move up to an older age group, the player will not be placed on the highest level team within the older age group without participating in a competitive tryout.

•       The Club may offer a supplemental tryout to determine the placement of a player who was not able to participate in tryouts.


Team Size

During and after tryouts, roster spots may be filled by the most qualified players attending tryouts. Only players evaluated as qualified to play travel hockey will be offered roster spots. The number of players selected to be on a team’s roster may vary based on age classification, the projected level of play, and the number of qualified players. The possibility exists that all roster spots may not be filled after tryouts and that some number of players may be added over the summer. Additionally, a coach may add players to the team’s roster up to December 31, 2018 after receiving approval from Club’s Coach in Chief and the Hockey Director. Adding a player during the season will be an exception and is not the general policy of the Club.



Travel teams will usually have two (2) practices per week on weeknights during the season. Practices are usually one hour (1) in length. Dependent of the number of teams at any given age group, there is a possibility each team may have shared ice practices. The Club will work to do our best to allow for more full ice practices at the Bantam and Midget age groups. The Club typically offers free Skills Clinics throughout the season to expand the knowledge and skill of its players. The clinics target specific needs of the Club’s members as identified by the Coach in Chief and team coaches. Clinics may include off-Ice conditioning, power skating, stick handling skills, and goalie skills. Based on the content, clinics will be staffed by either volunteer coaches and/or paid professional trainers.



Travel games are comprised of CBHL league games, non-league and tournaments games, and playoffs. The number of games an individual team participates in is based on age classification, local competition, team objectives, and the number of tournaments in which a team participates. Squirts usually play up to 25 games per season, Peewees and Bantams usually play up to 30 games per season, and Midgets usually play up to 40 games per season.


CBHL Games

The number of league games will be based on the size (number of teams) of a division. The CBHL season usually consists of 16 to 20 league games followed by a two (2) game playoff for the top four (4) teams. The majority of CBHL teams and games are within an hour drive of Hagerstown; however, the league does include teams from Richmond, Charlottesville, and Hampton Roads, Virginia. Thus, CBHL competition may occasionally require an overnight stay.


Non-League and Tournament Games

Non-league games will be scheduled against CBHL teams, teams from the Delaware Valley Hockey League, and other Tier II teams in the area or traveling through the area. The Club covers the entrance fee expense for two (2) tournaments, so players/teams do not need to pay registration fees for these tournaments. Travel expenses associated with these tournaments will be the responsibility of the team/player/family. Teams may also elect to participate in additional tournaments prior to, during, or after the season. The decision to play in additional tournaments should be a collaboration between the coaching staff, team manager, and parents. The cost of such tournaments is solely the responsibility of the team. The cost of tournaments scheduled during the season should be equally divided amongst all members of the team, whether or not all the members participate in said tournament(s). 

The Cost of Playing Hockey

There is no doubt: ice hockey is one of the more expensive team sports when you combine the registration fee and the cost of equipment. The majority of the registration fees are allotted to cover the cost of ice time for practices and games, and the cost of referees for games. These costs are very expensive and increase every year. As previously noted, registration fees are due in full by November 30, 2018, unless you have made arrangements in advance with the Club Treasurer for a payment plan. The Club reserves the right to suspend a player during the season if the player’s registration fees are past due under the terms referenced above. Players are also prohibited from trying out for an upcoming season if a balance remains from the previous season.


Players’ equipment is not provided by the Club; therefore, you will need to supply your own prior to tryouts. You will also need to purchase a pair of Club travel game jerseys (home and away) once your player is selected for a travel team. The list of required equipment and the jersey order form can be found on the Club’s website. In addition to HYHA fees, all players must register with USA Hockey and pay the associated registration fee. For the 2018-2019 season, the cost is $40. To find out more information about USA Hockey registration, visit


At the beginning of the season your Team Manager may collect a fee in order to create a “team fund” to cover additional expenses incurred throughout the season. You may be given the option of making payments on this team fund. Examples of additional expenses may include tournament costs, practice jerseys, Club and charity fundraising, and team building activities. Team expenses should be equally divided amongst all members of the team. 

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