All teams must create stickers in order to clearly read player names, jersey numbers, and USA Hockey numbers. You can have one sticker with all the information, or you can add a sticker to the back of the pink copy that includes USA Hockey numbers for players and coaches. 


For front sticker template:

Avery 5164

For back sticker (pink copy) template:

Avery 5168

Scoresheet Submission

An important task for Team Managers is submitting all home game scoresheets to the CBHL. The simplest way is to use an app, such as CamScanner, which allows you to take a high resolution scan of the scoresheet and email it directly from your phone. 


  • - Coaches from both teams and referees must sign the sheet. 
  • - Must be submitted no later than 5:00 PM on the Tuesday following the game
  • - Illegible scoresheets will be returned for resubmission (late fee may apply). 
  • - Late submittal of scoresheets are subject to a fine of $20 per scoresheet. 

Click here for CBHL Submission Contacts