Getting Started

The team manager plays an important role on any hockey team. He or she is the coordinator, communicator, organizer, and all-around support for the team. The most important role is being the liaison between the coaches and parents. The team manager also helps the coaches with the administrative functions of off-ice activities, tournaments, and general team needs. This allows coaches to focus on preparing and running practices and games. 

We understand that taking on this role is a big job, so we hope that by providing some tips will help get you started. 

Schedule a Team Meeting

Work with your coach to pick a time to introduce the coach, yourself, the players, and the parents.  The coach will discuss expectations and any important details he wants to cover. This is also a good time to discuss tournaments, fundraisers, and other team business. 

Background Check

Coaches and volunteers must complete a background check every two (2) years. If you completed one for the 2017-18 season, that background check is valid for the 2018-19 season. If your screening has expired, please visit the PVAHA website and follow the screening process steps. 

If you volunteer for multiple organizations, you may designate multiple PVAHA associations as you fill out your screening application.

USA Hockey Registration

All team managers are required to register with USA Hockey.

SafeSport Training

USA offers this 90-minute training to prevent abuse. All coaches and team managers must complete this course and, although it's not required, it's a good idea for at least one parent in each family to complete. Click here for SafeSport training.

Collect Contact Information

Collect names, phone numbers and email addresses from each of your parents.  This isn't only for yourself, but to share with other parents on the team who may need help getting rides to practices or games. (This information is also available through the club Registrar.)

Collect Documents

The following documents must be collected for each player.  Your team meeting is the perfect time to do this.

  1. Waiver of Liability
  2. Copy of Birth Certificate
  3. USA Hockey Registration number

Build a Binder for Gameday

The documents you collect must be brought to each game, so we recommend that you set up a binder for your team. We recommend keeping the following on hand for games:

  • - Roster stickers
  • - Directions for filling out the scoresheet (HYHA will provide training to interested parents)
  • - Pens and scratch paper 

Recruit Volunteers

We need volunteers for scoreboard, scoresheet, and penalty box for all home games, and just penalty box for away games/tournaments. It's your prerogative how to handle this - ask up front for volunteers, or create a schedule with each family having equal duties throughout the season.